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New Zealand Macro Service


In a fast-changing economic environment, the New Zealand Macro Service provides in-depth insights and analysis of the key trends developing domestically and globally. This enables our clients to make better strategic decisions, manage key risks, and take advantage of newly-developing opportunities.

Comprehensive coverage

The core New Zealand Macro Service provides a full set of macroeconomic indicators at the national level as well as providing city data for Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Industry breakdowns are also provided.

Advanced methodology

All forecasts are produced within Oxford Economics Australia’s suite of macroeconomic models, a quantitatively rigorous, consistent framework.

Integrated global model

The fully integrated Global Economic Model links individual countries through global assumptions on trade, commodity prices, exchange rates and capital flows, employing Keynesian theory to drive near-term outlook and Neo-classical models for the longer-term.

Regular forecast reports

Quarterly updates, quick data insights, research briefings and a monthly forecast report.

Best-in-class databank

Our online Databank, which has over 700 indicators includes historical data back to 1980 and forecasts out to 2050 featuring a range of economic, socioeconomic, and demographic data.

How our New Zealand Forecasting Service helps you

Consistent Forecasting for Improved Strategic Planning

Our quantitative forecast framework connects global, national, industry, and state models, providing a clear understanding of economic trends and their impact on decision-making, risk management, and opportunity capitalisation.

Customisable Analytical Tools for Enhanced Data Insights

Our linking capability delivers deeper insights and informed decision-making through customisable tools that can easily be integrated into existing workflows. This leads to efficient analysis and improved outcomes.

Transparent Model with Global Recognition

Clients are provided with a transparent model that fully explains the drivers behind forecasts, and our economists are available to walk clients through our comprehensive methodology. Our service is globally recognised for its transparency.

New Zealand Macro Service

New Zealand Macro Service

In a fast-changing economic environment, the New Zealand Macro Service provides in-depth insights and analysis of the key domestic and global trends.


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