About Oxford Economics Australia

Oxford Economics is Australia's leading economic advisory firm. Following the acquisition of BIS Shrapnel in 2017, Oxford Economics now have unparalleled capabilities in helping clients to navigate local economic issues in the context of the global trends shaping the world economy.

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Our people

Economic models generate insights, but it is our people who make these insights actionable.

We provide our people with a friendly, fun and collaborative workplace, healthy work-life balance, room to grow and the freedom to pursue new ideas–everything they need to thrive.

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Our values

We believe integrity, innovation, passion and collaboration are the keys to unlock the indisputable power of economics. Our commitment to these core principles guides how we work with our clients, colleagues, partners and the wider community. To learn more about our business purpose and values, please click here.

About the Oxford Economics Group

The Oxford Economics Group of companies includes firms that provide expertise in forecasting and modelling for specific geographies and sectors, in addition to the core global capabilities of Oxford Economics.

Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics is the world’s foremost independent economic advisory firm. Covering over 200 countries, over 150 industrial sectors and 8,000 cities and regions, we provide insights and solutions that enable clients to make intelligent and responsible strategic business decisions faster in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Oxford Economics Australia

Australia’s leading provider of industry research, analysis and forecasting services, Oxford Economics Australia  helps clients understand the global economy and the markets in which they operate through reliable and detailed market data, analysis of developments and thoroughly researched forecasts. 

Tourism Economics

Tourism Economics has vast experience in providing actionable and credible analysis of the tourism sector, working closely with clients to assist in interpreting and applying our analysis to the real decisions they face. For more information, please visit https://www.tourismeconomics.com/.

Oxford Economics Africa

South Africa-based Oxford Economics Africa investigates and interprets the economic and political risk, as well as political and macroeconomic conditions, of 54 African countries, cautioning against pitfalls and guiding investors towards opportunities. For more information, please visit https://www.africaneconomics.com/.

Stone & McCarthy Research Associates

Stone & McCarthy has a strong reputation for providing independent research and analysis to central banks, buy-side firms, prominent hedge funds, insurance companies, sell-side firms and corporations. Insights are provided within the context of comprehensive knowledge of the US economy and financial markets.

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