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Reliable and consistent Australian & Global market analysis. We provide economic forecasts, analysis, models and scenarios that delivers the insights necessary to make informed decisions in a fast-changing world.

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Best-in-Class Analysis, Forecasts, Reports and Data

Our forecasts and analysis provide essential pillars for developing business plans and informing decisions on future investments. We provide the tools to compare data and run your own analysis and scenarios suited to your organisation’s specific needs.

The information you need

Our data driven approach enables users to cut through the noise and quantify what is happening across the Australian and global economy. When combined with the expertise of over 300 economists and analysts – working across a wide range of specialisations – we provide the depth and breadth of information, commentary, and analysis you need, even when your priorities change.

Up-to-date insights

Along with regular in-depth reports, subscribers have access to topical briefings on the macro environment. Fast moving analysis on economic and market developments will help inform effective and timely decision making

Analyse the data yourself

Unique online tools give subscribers access to a comprehensive database of economic indicators and forecasts that our economists use for their analysis. You can run custom queries on historical and forecast data or look at scenarios projecting a range of economic contingencies, all to better understand the impact of macro events on your investment and strategy decisions.

Macro Economic Forecasts and Analysis


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In a fast-changing economic environment, the Australia Macro Service provides in-depth insights and analysis of the key trends developing domestically and globally.

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