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Economic Impact Analysis and Policy

We are an independent economic consultancy with long and deep experience in Australian and international markets. Our independence allows us the examine key questions across a wide range of topics and engage directly with clients. We demonstrate the economic, environmental and social, impact of your activities and help you communicate these to key stakeholders. Our work ranges from in-depth modelling and quantification of the effects of economic initiatives for governments to detailed quantification of the footprint of companies on communities. With decades of experience, commitment to methodological rigour, and independence, our findings are trusted by stakeholders across government, business, and media.

Demonstrate your economic impact

We demonstrate how your activities contribute to GDP, employment, and tax revenues, and affect a range of social and environmental outcomes. We work collaboratively with our clients to investigate how their policies, operations, investments, and innovations create impact.

Understanding impact outside of your organisation

Our work extends well beyond the lens of individual organisations. We quantify all of the different channels that generate economic, social and environmental impacts, including supply chains, employment multipliers and technological spillovers.

Explore impact locally, nationally, and globally

Our world-leading models allow us to quantify your impact in a host of different geographies more comprehensively than conventional methodologies. And we have a range of tools to collect unique data that shine a spotlight on the breadth of these impacts.

1 out of 3

“AFIA partnered with BIS Oxford Economics and a third-party survey provider to quantify the Economic Impact of the Buy Now Pay Later industry in Australia. This was a piece of work requiring significant data and theoretical analysis to develop an accurate and transparent methodology. The team was very responsive, and forward-thinking and the quality of the work was first-class. We were also very pleased with the level of collaboration between BIS OE, AFIA and the survey provider.”

Anna Fitzgerald, Executive Director Communications & Strategy

2 out of 3

“Overall the team did a good job, the results are solid and the team went to a lot of effort to identify freight volumes using some quite innovative approaches to accommodate the lack of data. The presentations were suitably well pitched to the audience they were presenting to and the team were responsive to drilling down to further detail when applicable”

3 out of 3

“Working with BIS Oxford Economics was very positive all round. The results highlighted SAP’s strengths in the market unit and the final presentation was clear and well executed. Andrew/The team were generous with their time, taking us through the various data points with thorough explanations. We most appreciated Andrew’s flexibility to work with the data that we were able to provide to underscore SAP’s presence in Canada.”

Our Economists

Andrew Tessler

Head of Economic Impact Consulting, at Oxford Economics Australia

+61 (0) 2 8458 4224

Andrew Tessler

Head of Economic Impact Consulting, at Oxford Economics Australia

Sydney, Australia

Andrew heads up Oxford Economics Australia's applied economics consulting practice. He has 20 years’ experience as an economist and is a dual Australian/UK national specialising in transport economics, with international experience in the field. Andrew has worked at the NSW Treasury, Booz & Co (now PwC Strategy&) and Oxford Economics in the UK.   

Projects I've worked on:

  • The economic impact of Buy Now Pay Later in Australia
    • Regulators globally are realising traditional finance and credit products need re-evaluation to determine how best to provide proportionate, scalable and targeted regulatory frameworks that balance payments innovation, consumer choice, flexibility and interoperability, while delivering high standards of consumer protection.
Raul Arias

Senior Economist, Oxford Economics Australia

+61 02 8458 4232

Raul Arias

Senior Economist, Oxford Economics Australia

Sydney, Australia

Raul is a Senior Economist within the Oxford Economics’ Economic Impact team. Prior to joining BIS Oxford Economics, Raul was an Analyst with the Antitrust practice of NERA Economic Consulting. He has ample experience providing detailed econometric analysis to public and private sector clients, and his modelling has been used in diverse fields such as communications and internet, financial services, I.T., radio spectrum auctions, and regulatory economics. Raul holds a B.A. in Political Science from ITAM University, Mexico and a Master of Economics from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Case Studies

Case Study | Australian Finance Industry Association

The economic impact of Buy Now Pay Later in Australia

Governments globally are realising the importance of payments and financial services efficiency to economic growth, financial wellbeing and social participation.  The Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) recognises innovation, competition, market efficiency, economic growth and consumer protection are interrelated and, therefore, must be addressed collectively. An informed understanding of the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) sector...

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