Australian Real Estate Forecasting

Critical analysis and deep insights into the Australian property market. We provide forecasts and identify market risks and opportunities for office, retail, industrial and residential property sectors. We're also proud to launch our new Residential Property Forecasting service: ResRadar.

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Australian Property Market Forecasting

With 30 years of experience in forecasting Australia’s property markets, Oxford Economics Australia's analysis offers deep insights into future market prospects and realistic forecasts that can be relied upon to guide clients in strategic property decisions.

Complete coverage

Full integration with in-house economic and industry sector forecasts at a global, national, city and centre level allows us to understand the key drivers of demand for property, by sector, and provides the framework for longer-term forecasts.

Analysis and commentary

Written analysis on select property markets. Comprehensive chartbooks and timely research pieces provide detailed analysis on supply and demand-side factors, including economic, financial and capital markets.

Access to industry experts

As a client of Oxford Economics Australia, you will have access to a team of experienced real estate experts who can provide insights, analysis, and advice to help you make informed decisions.

Our real estate services

Residential Property Forecasting Services

Our services provide unrivalled residential property insights for Australian houses and real estate.

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Australian Retail Property Forecasting

Detailed analysis and forecasts for Australian retail property markets.

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Australian Office Property Forecasts
Office property market analysis

Detailed analysis and forecasts for Australian office markets

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Industrial Property Market Analysis header
Industrial property market analysis

Insights into the Australian industrial property market through regular forecasts reports, analysis and insights.

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Global Real Estate Economic Service

Helping companies to understand the implications of macroeconomic, geopolitical, financial and climate change developments on private and public real estate performance.


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