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Understand the fundamentals driving residential markets. ResRadar helps subscribers make better investment decisions by examining each housing market’s position in the residential cycle, identifying key differences and what this means for future growth.

What does the service include?

Improved visual dashboard

Introducing our enhanced visual dashboard — streamlined, intuitive, and dynamic. Experience data like never before with user-friendly features and insightful visuals, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly. Coupled with the Residential Property Prospects report, data insights, excel data files, databank, research briefings, chartbook, and methodology.

Extensive indicators coverage

Over 3,600 variables are forecasted out fifteen years. The geographical breadth of the service ranges from the national picture to the capital city rings. Also included are regional centres such as Gold Coast, Newcastle, Geelong, Townsville, all states, rest of states and capital cities. The indicator coverage is centralised around our house and unit price (quartile), rent and yield variables. Support indicators include population growth by component and 5-year age cohort, households by 10-year age cohort, turnover, dwelling completions, dwelling stock, housing and rental affordability, household income, upfront costs, mortgage rates, new home lending, and key macroeconomic indicators.

Quarterly forecast reports and comprehensive coverage

Our quarterly reports examine the nuanced relationship between the housing sector and the wider macro economy and set out our latest baseline forecasts. Timely research briefings provide in-depth analysis of recent changes to help our subscribers identify growth opportunities in real-time.   

Emerging trend analysis

We forecast the demographic trends occurring across the different segments of the residential market and the impact they are having on demand are quantified. Be on top of the upcoming residential market trends.

How ResRadar helps you

Access Market Intelligence

Clients have access to comprehensive market intelligence, sourced from reliable industry sources. This provides clients with up-to-date and accurate information about the residential property market. All forecasts are produced using Oxford Economics Australia’s long-established method of quantifying dwelling demand and supply and the dwelling stock balance to help drive residential price growth, using Oxford Economics Australia’s economic forecasts as a backdrop.

Improved Investment Planning

The dashboard and databank are essential for maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This versatile tool enables seamless communication of key themes and outlooks to stakeholders while simplifying cross-market variable comparisons. With a detailed national outlook, it offers a comprehensive view of the housing market, equipping users with vital information for informed decision-making and enhanced investment planning.

Comprehensive Residential Landscape Analysis

Our analysis begins with a thorough examination of both national and state economic outlooks, providing crucial insights into the residential market’s operating environment. Housing supply dynamics are taken into account across all key regions, ensures a clear understanding of current and future supply levels. Insights into activity levels such as property turnover and lending metrics are used to guide near term forecasts, while household income growth and demographic shifts anchor long run projections.



ResRadar helps subscribers understand the fundamentals driving residential markets and their impacts. Download the brochure to learn more about the coverage of our service.


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