Transactions and Due Diligence

Bespoke support for clients involved in major asset transaction processes and ongoing monitoring of infrastructure and economic assets.

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Transactions and Due Dilligence

We provide commercial and economic due diligence models and reports for transactions (for sell-side and buy-side organisations).

Registries & Digital Networks Expertise

Unlocking the Potential of Digital Registries: OE pioneers digital registry analysis, specialising in emerging asset classes. Our advisory services encompass sell-side expertise, having advised on all major Australian registry transactions since 2016. Our methodologies set industry standards, offering original and sophisticated ways to analyse land and motor vehicle registry businesses. We extend this expertise to diverse digital infrastructure assets, including consumer data registries, where we decode recurring themes to record actions and facilitate database queries.

Investment-Grade Transportation Insights

Maximising Transportation Infrastructure Value: Discover the true potential of your transportation infrastructure projects with our comprehensive advisory services. We specialise in delivering investment-grade forecasts, updating asset valuations, and conducting predictive analysis based on consumer behaviour. Our insights reveal how users interact with infrastructure, helping you optimise design. We assess revenue risks, support market research for sales and pricing strategies, and explore the impact of alternative technologies on revenues.

Utilities and Energy Asset Intelligence

Navigating Utilities and Energy Investments: OE provides comprehensive utility coverage for various energy assets, including water, gas, electricity, generation, broadband, and mobile towers. We assess pure macroeconomic risks and sensitivities, as well as volume-based risks. Our analysis encompasses central outlooks, alternative scenarios, and econometric modelling to understand the inter-relationships of foreign currency-denominated CPI or PPI series and bilateral exchange rates. We empower you to make informed energy and utilities investment decisions. 

Social Infrastructure and Asset Insights

Optimising Social Infrastructure Investments: Explore the world of social infrastructure investments with OE. Our expertise spans classes such as student accommodation and build-to-rent properties. We offer economic analysis and forecasts, aligning with demographic and industry trends. Our insights assist in making informed decisions about social infrastructure investments, optimising returns, and understanding the dynamics of this asset class. 


Consulting Services

Our economic consulting team combines a unique skill set to provide clients with a deeper understanding of their markets through innovative research and forecasts to deliver leading-edge outcomes.


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Our Economists

Kristian Kolding

Head of Consulting, OE Australia

+61 (4) 1040 9070

Kristian Kolding

Head of Consulting, OE Australia

Sydney, Australia

Kristian leads Oxford Economics Australia's Consulting team, working with public and private sector leaders to help them prepare for the future by applying relevant economic theory and forecasts to inform effective policy and business strategy development.

Darren Anderson

Head of Global Transactions, OE Australia

+61 2 8458 4210

Darren Anderson

Head of Global Transactions, OE Australia

Sydney, Australia

Darren heads up our global transactions team, with a focus on both commercial and economic due diligence. He is also a specialist in freight movements, both at a port level and as the lead on Oxford Economics' global TradePrism service.

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Case Studies

Case Study | Australian Finance Industry Association

The economic impact of Buy Now Pay Later in Australia

Governments globally are realising the importance of payments and financial services efficiency to economic growth, financial wellbeing and social participation.  The Australian Finance Industry Association (AFIA) recognises innovation, competition, market efficiency, economic growth and consumer protection are interrelated and, therefore, must be addressed collectively. An informed understanding of the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) sector...

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Case Study | National Bureau of Statistics

Developing a leading statistical ecosystem to empower decision makers in government, the private sector​ and ​broader society

The National Bureau of Statistics asked Oxford Economics to redesign its existing statistical publications to make them more user-focused.  This included: The solution Oxford Economics worked closely with the National Bureau of Statistics over a period of six months to develop 57 redesigned publication templates. The work was completed in two broad stages: The final...

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Case Study | Australia Energy Market

Forecasts and scenarios to inform the future of Australia’s energy market

Oxford Economics Australia was commissioned to produce macroeconomic and commodity scenario projections that could be used to generate long-term gas and electricity demand and supply projections across a range of energy transition scenarios. The solution We worked closely with the client’s team and their stakeholders to produce long-term (30-year) macroeconomic and commodity price forecasts, across...

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Case Study | QBE LMI

The Annual Housing Outlook 2022 – the Green Edition

The objective The objective of this work was to reinforce QBE LMI’s position by providing an outlook of housing market performance and stimulate informed discussion about environmental sustainability within the housing market and a state by state performance analysis of housing market prices and rents. The solution The project was approached collaboratively with the QBE...

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Case Study | Leading Australian Law Firm

Expert Witness Report on property market influences and outlook

The repudiation of an existing development agreement resulted in Supreme Court proceedings whereby residential property market forecasts were required to demonstrate the outlook for the Darwin residential market at that time. Separate sale price and rent projections were needed (on an annual basis) for detached house and attached dwellings for the period of 2017-2030. Importantly,...

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Case Study | City of Sydney​

City of Sydney’s 2022 Business Needs Survey Report

The City of Sydney required an advisor with the capability to develop a high-impact, user-focused report to: The report had to be engaging and highly visual, containing a range of different devices to communicate economic insights to a range of readers. The solution Oxford Economics Australia developed a rich and compelling report to engage and...

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