The Annual Housing Outlook 2022 – the Green Edition

QBE LMI is a market leader in lenders mortgage insurance. In this role, it is important for QBE to go beyond a transactional relationship with its partners to also provide engaging and constructive information about key issues facing the sector.

The objective

The objective of this work was to reinforce QBE LMI’s position by providing an outlook of housing market performance and stimulate informed discussion about environmental sustainability within the housing market and a state by state performance analysis of housing market prices and rents.

The solution

The project was approached collaboratively with the QBE LMI project group. The focus of the report was established during the early stages of the project and early drafts of the work were shared for feedback and direction.

The green housing aspects of the report were informed by collecting data from a variety of publicly available sources, complemented by Oxford Economics’ surveys of household appliances and residential construction. The residential price and rent forecasts were based on a macroeconomic-led approach to forecasting, complemented by Oxford Economics’  ongoing analysis of the market.

Oxford Economics Australia supported QBE LMI with final report design and review, as well as a joint presentation for an online webinar at report launch. 

The results

The report is published at  It has helped to enhance  QBE LMI’s reputation by informing the public, banking sector, government and non-government organisations about important issues for the housing sector.

 Key findings include: