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ABC’s The Money | The TikTok Economy

TikTok, the phone app that sends a stream of viral videos to every user, is in trouble in the United States. The company must either change its Chinese ownership, or leave the American market. In response, TikTok is underlining its economic contribution, in Australia and elsewhere.  So how much difference does it make?

Oxford Economics Australia’s report provides the results of our analysis of TikTok’s economic contribution to the Australian economy. Beyond that, the report describes the findings from our user survey and presents a set of case studies showcasing how SMEs have experienced growth through using TikTok to market their businesses.

Listen to the full interview on ABC here:

Read the full report here: The socio-economic impact of TikTok in Australia

In this interview:

Kristian Kolding

Head of Consulting, OE Australia

+61 (4) 1040 9070

Kristian Kolding

Head of Consulting, OE Australia

Sydney, Australia

Kristian leads Oxford Economics Australia’s Consulting team, working with public and private sector leaders to help them prepare for the future by applying relevant economic theory and forecasts to inform effective policy and business strategy development.

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