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The Australian Building Forecasting Service provides regular forecasting reports, high-frequency commentary and a deeply detailed databank on the residential and non-residential sectors across states and territories and the country. We provide a thorough analysis of the drivers of demand and supply, as well as forecasts of major market variables including building approvals, commencements, completions and other building indicators which are essential for strategic development, planning, performance analysis, risk management and budgeting.

What’s included?
  • Short-Term Outlook: Timely reports provide current market conditions and prospects for residential and non-residential buildings, home renovations and housing finance. All building sectors have a forecast horizon of 18 months at both the national and state levels.
  • Long Term Outlook: A bi-annual report analysing medium to long-term prospects for the building industry. The building in Australia report covers annual forecasts of building activity for the next 15 years. Such forecasts are intended to capture the timing of the next building cycle to support strategy development and long-term planning.
  • Rapid Response to Data Releases: Data Insights that immediately assess key data releases.
  • Broad Sector Coverage: Sector-specific analysis of over 15 non-residential building sectors (ie. offices, education, transport, health etc.) and across houses, medium-density and high-density residential sectors.
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