Presentation | Mar 22, 2024

Is the Australian construction sector heading for a hard landing?

The Australian construction sector is facing a challenging period as costs and capacity constrain activity levels. Publicly funded activity continues to be supported by large investments in transportation and social building projects. With governments and households under pressure to reduce spending, how much further can construction activity grow? What is happening to construction costs from here? Longer term, is Australia setting up for another strong construction cycle?

In this conference we will discuss the outlook for building, engineering, mining, and maintenance activity. We will highlight the states and sectors that have the most promising outlooks from here over the next few years, as well as discussing the broader medium to longer-term issues facing the construction sector, including industry sustainability, capacity and capability, construction costs and funding.

  • Which segments and states will outperform over the next two years?
  • What does the infrastructure review mean for the construction outlook?
  • Will we build enough renewable generation to hit our energy targets?
  • How should industry stake holders be prepared for the coming cycle?


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