Presentation | Mar 22, 2024

Taking stock of Australia’s journey to net zero. Where are we at, what’s to come, how do we get there?

We’ve taken stock of Australia’s journey towards net zero and the good news is that emissions are dropping. The bad news is that emissions aren’t dropping fast enough.

This session will feature two parts.

Part 1 will explore Australia’s journey towards net zero and consider how we got to our current position and what the future may hold in light of our macroeconomic outlook and current policy settings. The presentation will go beyond aggregate estimates to focus on the sectoral drivers of the climate transition and identify the economic implications of decarbonisation.

Part 2 of the session will provide an update on climate disclosure requirements in Australia. The update will explain the role of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and present our assessment of the global supply chain (scope 3) emissions induced by an average Australian retailer compared to a construction company.

  • Is Australia on track for Net Zero emissions by 2050?
  • Which sectors are contributing the most to decarbonising the Australian economy?
  • When are emission disclosure requirements for organisations expected to be introduced?
  • How can you estimate global supply chain emissions for your industry or organisation?


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