Asia Pacific Construction Forecasts

Asia Forecasting Service provides building and construction industry insight and forecasts across 14 key Asian Pacific countries.

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The service provides regular reports that outline the key drivers of construction, and includes historical data as well as five years of forecasts for a range of building activity indictors, from approvals to commencements, work done and completions. An economic overview section adds context for the overall sector, providing a broad understanding of important macroeconomic issues to supplement the analysis of residential, non-residential, and civil engineering construction.

Detailed construction trend analysis and forecasts

Reports, which are updated four times a year, review the dwelling, non-dwelling, and civil engineering sectors and sub-sectors, with additional information on major construction projects that are at the planning stage, approved or under construction stages.

Consistent and comparable analysis and forecasts

Oxford Economics Australia established methodology and two common metrics (in $US) allow for cross-country comparison, including the various segments of the construction industry.

Advanced Analytical Functions

Our web-based databank allows users to quickly build custom queries with complete flexibility and visualise the data in tables, charts, and maps. Searches can be saved for future reference and downloaded quickly to Excel and Adobe formats, and even shown on a heat map.

Forecast Databank

Access to historical data and construction forecasts for 14 Asian Pacific countries, updated each quarter to provide the latest data.

Why use the Asia Construction Service?

We provide the information you need for strategic planning, performance analysis, risk management, and budgeting purposes.

Our Methodology

All forecasts are produced within a rigorous, consistent quantitative framework that maps from approvals to commencements, work done and completions. Activity is linked to macroeconomic and demographic fundamentals that drive the structural demand for new buildings and infrastructure. The model’s projections are supplemented with detailed research by our economists into major projects that have been announced.

Benefits of our service

The analysis and forecasts will be useful for analysts and senior management to gain a deeper understanding of the building and construction industry in the region. The report is essential for strategic development and planning, performance analysis, risk management and budgeting purposes.

Countries included

New Zealand, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Where available sub-national forecasts are also supplied.


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