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Market leading insights into the residential real estate sector in Australia.

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Understand the fundamentals driving residential markets. Residential Property Prospects helps subscribers make better investment decisions examining the point in the residential market in each city and further movement, as well as identifying difference in the cycles across cities.

What does the service include?

Advanced methodology

All forecasts are produced using Oxford Economics Australia’s long-established method of quantifying dwelling demand and supply and the dwelling stock balance to help drive residential price growth, using Oxford Economics Australiaeconomic forecasts as a backdrop.

Comprehensive variable coverage

Forecasts covered include property prices and rents by dwelling type, and a range of mortgage, financial and affordability variables. Indicators of demographics and dwelling supply are also included.

Quarterly forecast reports and comprehensive coverage.

Regular forecast reports and timely research briefings help our subscribers identify growth opportunities in real time. Our residential forecasts are provided for a range of market geographies, from the city ring to the national level.

Emerging trends

Changes in household structure and dwelling preferences using Census data over the past twenty-five years, presenting the implications for the composition of future demand in the residential market

How our residential property service helps you

Improve Investment Planning

Our residential property forecasting service provides clients with data-driven insights that inform their investment planning and decision-making. This includes information on market trends, demand drivers, and supply and demand dynamics, helping clients make informed investment decisions, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Access Market Intelligence

Clients have access to comprehensive market intelligence, including market trends, competitor analysis, and residential sales data. This data is sourced from reliable industry sources, providing clients with up-to-date and accurate information about the residential property market.

Gain Competitive Advantage

By utilising our residential property forecasting service, clients gain a competitive advantage. The data-driven insights provided by our service help clients identify new opportunities and potential risks, allowing them to make strategic investment decisions with confidence. Our service provides a unique and valuable perspective on the residential property market, helping clients stay ahead of their competition and make better investment decisions.


Residential Property Prospects

Our Residential Property Prospects report helps subscribers understand the fundamentals driving residential markets and their impacts.


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